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Principal’s Perspective

The golden years in college are not only learning lessons and doing home works but also excelling in every way possible. We are witnessing unparalleled changes in the world which turn all the fields upside down. Our way of education enlightens and shapes the technical minds not only to handle machines but also to carve them in any situation. Our methodology of Design Thinking in day to day activities enhances the significance of Human Values striving for the goal of a perfect professional.

Our concentration not only focuses on the curriculum but also harnesses the student’s skill.

With this, I ask all the stakeholders especially the students to keep themselves motivated every day with the concept “JUST LOVE YOURSELF”. Our life is full of surprises, let us infuse the required skills, give importance to human values, apply design thinking, celebrate life, and keep our conscience alive and clear.



DEPT OF : Electronics and Communication Engineering

Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College