Counselling Code - 5912



Text Books have been prescribed for all courses from First year to final year. Teachers prepare a well-planned Teaching Schedule for each course, a copy of which is given to each student. Teachers also maintain a course file for effective teaching. Importance has been given to Audio - Visual Education using color charts, Models, O.H.P, C.Ds and L.C.D. Projectors. In addition, Educational Tour, Practical Training during summer vocation, project work for the final year are arranged. Also, memory techniques, Personality development, Placement Training, Entrepreneurship development, Career Advancement are given during First, Second, Third and Final year respectively. Students are encouraged to present papers in association meetings of their departments and also to actively participate in the seminars and conferences conducted by other technical institutions.

"We Hear, We forget, We See, We Remember, We Involve, We Understand"

Teachers follow the above mentioned Philosophy to improve the teaching Techniques.